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Treating Canine
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What is Canine Epilepsy?

While seeing your pet suffer a seizure can be scary, epilepsy in dogs can be treated successfully. It’s hard not to feel anxious about a canine epilepsy diagnosis, but it may comfort you to know that seizures are one of the most commonly reported neurological conditions in dogs. Your pet can live a high-quality life—even with epilepsy. The key is proper management of the disease.

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A seizure is a temporary involuntary disturbance of normal brain function, usually accompanied by uncontrollable muscle activity. Your veterinarian has diagnosed your pet with epilepsy, which is simply a term used to describe repeated episodes of seizures. Different dogs have different seizure patterns. Your pet’s seizures may occur in clusters; they may be infrequent or unpredictable, or they may occur in regular intervals. While there are many causes of epilepsy in dogs – including liver disease, brain trauma and exposure to toxins – the most common form of epilepsy is idiopathic epilepsy, an inherited disorder with no identifiable structural cause. The list of breeds susceptible to idiopathic epilepsy is long and the specific biomechanisms behind seizures – both human and canine – are not yet fully understood.

Like the variance in seizure patterns, there are also different types of common seizures, ranging from “zoning out” to fly-snapping to full-body convulsions. Vets can prescribe medication to treat a variety of seizure types.


Simple dosing. Palatable formula.

NOBATOL tablets are indicated for the prevention of seizures due to generalized epilepsy in dogs.

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Intended for the prevention of seizures in dogs

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Natural flavoring, designed to increase acceptance by your pet1

NOBATOL is a chewable, beef-flavored tablet that may make treating your pet’s epilepsy simpler. NOBATOL is specifically formulated to be highly palatable to dogs, and its scored tablet can be divided without a knife, designed to make the dosing and administration process easier.

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Your veterinarian has prescribed NOBATOL tablets for your dog’s epilepsy. The dose prescribed is determined by your dog’s body weight.
The active ingredient in NOBATOL – phenobarbital – has been  approved as a first-line treatment for idiopathic canine epilepsy for many years. As with any antiepileptic treatment, however, close monitoring of your pet’s health, especially liver function, during the initial acclimation period may be necessary as well. It takes a while – typically a couple of weeks – for phenobarbital to reach a steady level in your pet’s blood stream. Therefore, it is very important that your pet takes an accurate dose on his/her prescribed schedule—without missing a dose.

NOBOTOL’s palatable formulation means most dogs will willingly accept the medication, which may make your pet more likely to cooperate without having to resort to “hiding” the tablet in other food or forcing a pill down your pet’s throat.  The deeply scored tablets separate easily and cleanly, which can help with dosing accuracy as well.

When your pet is taking NOBATOL, it’s important to follow your vet’s directions about any follow-up bloodwork that may be needed. Dogs with certain health issues may need more intensive monitoring to ensure their body is tolerating the medication well.

Dosing Tips for NOBATOL Tablets

  • Pick a dosing time during the day that you can be confident will be available every day. This may be first thing in the morning, later in the evening before bedtime, or two times per day. The key is to make sure you’re giving your dog NOBATOL at the same time every day. Regular dosing is important—as are regular intervals between doses.
  • To break a NOBATOL tablet in half, simply place it on a table with the scored side facing up and push down on each side with your thumbs. The tablet will break cleanly.
  • Since NOBATOL tablets are formulated and flavored to be highly palatable to dogs, your pet should accept it willingly. You can make administration even easier by turning “treatment time” into “treat time.” Try to create a little excitement and anticipation before giving your pet NOBATOL and praise and pet your animal afterwards, so that these “treat times” are associated with a positive experience—and something your pet looks forward to.
  • Store NOBATOL tablets in a cool, secure space, away from children and other pets.
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They’re Depending on You.

We love dogs because they’re loyal, steadfast and devoted to their humans. And as amazing as they can be, they can’t take care of themselves. They depend on you. The good news is that your dog’s condition can be successfully managed in partnership with your veterinarian. Which means more great days with your pet and more wagging tails.